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Welcome to P&C's Billiards
You are my 649997 visitors
We are collectors of find pool cues and billiard accessories. If you found something you were interested just drop us an email. Any questions regarding pool and cues are always welcome. Our email address is pccues@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting and enjoy the cue pix. Shoot straight & run out!! Chady & Paul

  Fancy Gus Szamboti and Barry Szamboti cues.
Latest pool items  
  2015 Justis Case 2B4S Black Gator Embossed Python
  2015 Justis Case 2B4S All Black
  2015 Brand New Justis Original Leather Black Pouch
  2015 Justis Case 2B4S Black Brown Pouches
  Hanbat Plus Five Plus-5 Carom Cue
  Hanbat Carom Cue 4 Pointer
  2007 No.354 Macassar Ebony Curly Maple SW Special
  1997 No.378 Purpleheart Ebony 9 Pointer

If you can't find cues which you want , please contact us.